Pre-Paid Jewelry Processing Kit

Pre-Paid Jewelry Processing Kit

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Pre-paid jewelry processing kit includes everything you need to get your jewelry to us for proper cleaning and sterilization. Place your jewelry inside the clear ziplock bag, pack that bag in the small crush resistant box included, and enclose in the pre paid bubble mailer. Inside your package to us, please include your name and email address for jewelry identification along with your requested anodization color if applicable. We will notify you by email when your jewelry has been processed and is ready for pick up at the 16th Street location. If you would prefer to have your jewelry shipped back to you, just let us know. This kit includes all shipping costs.

  • Choose Sterilize Only if your jewelry is pretty new and free of scratches.
  • Choose Sterilize and Fully Polish if your jewelry shows some wear.
  • Choose Sterilize, Fully Polish, and Anodize if you need your colored titanium polished and you want it to remain colored or want your new titanium jewelry colored. Polishing anodized titanium will completely remove the color.

This is required for any jewelry purchased outside of your appointment time for service.

Please note: Please note: This kit does not guarantee we will use your jewelry for your service. Body Jewelry must meet particular qualifications for it to be safe for use in a fresh piercing. These qualifications are required by the California Safe Body Art Bill. We will determine if your jewelry is piercing appropriate before use. If your jewelry is not appropriate for use, we will ship it back to you at no additional charge. If you are not sure if your jewelry may meet the requirements, email a photo to before you purchase your kit.

We are not responsible for any loss or damage during shipping. If you are sending high value items, we recommend you purchase your own shipping label with additional insurance for full value.

We will not be accepting any in person over the counter personal jewelry for use in service. If you want to use your own jewelry you must purchase this kit first. Please read our FAQ for all details.

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