Virtual Hangout Appointments

While we wait to open for all in person services, we invite you to help support us and schedule a virtual hangout.

You can find all available appointment times through our newly designed booking app with full video conference integration. Simply choose a staff member then choose your time. Once you schedule your hangout, you will be provided with a unique video link for your hangout time. The hangout can also be done through the phone if you have a strained connection for video. All hangouts are $30 for 30 minutes and are paid online at time of booking. Thank you for your continued support!

You may schedule a virtual hangout with us here:
Body Manipulations Appointments

General Terms for booking virtual hangout appointments

Hangouts must be scheduled at least 1 day in advance. Appointments may be cancelled up to 2 hours before the appointment time. Your booking fee is non refundable for any cancellations within 2 hours of your appointment  time.

Be on time! If you are late for your appointment by 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be forfeited and your booking fee non refundable. Your time starts at the scheduled meeting time and will not be extended to make up for any lateness.

During the virtual hangout, you may talk about anything. We are here for you! That being said, if our staff finds the meeting to be invasive, harassing, or otherwise inappropriate, the staff may terminate your meeting time early. In this event, your booking fee is non refundable and we may block your ability to schedule future meetings (virtual or in person).

If you experience any technical difficulties with connection, or otherwise on the part of our staff, your booking fee will be refunded in full. If for some reason the staff member misses your time slot and is absent, your booking fee will be fully refunded.

For any issues or questions, please email management at