The World's Oldest Professional Piercing Studio!
SINCE 1989

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Body Manipulations
3234 16th Street @ Dolores
San Francisco, CA 94103

Phone: 415-621-0408
Fax: 415-621-0553


We are open 7 days a week

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All of our services are available by Walk-In everyday 12 noon to 7pm

Closed on the following holidays:
New Year's Day, 4th of July,
Thanksgiving, Christmas

We accept the following forms of payment:

Body Manipulations


Service Prices
(jewelry sold separately)

Piercing Service - Jewelry Not Included

Traditional Earlobe Piercing Service   $20 or $35 pair

General Body Piercing Service   $40 or $70 pair

Genital Piercing Service    $60 or $100 pair

Jewelry Insertion or Stretch    $10 or $15 pair

General Check Ups and Adjustments are always free!


Tattoo Service
Shop rate is $180/hour, $100 minimum
Cash only, paid direct to the artist

Insertion Service
If you just can't figure it out, don't force it! We will happily disinfect and install your jewelry back to its original hole for a small set-up fee of $10 or free with jewelry purchase. Jewelry removal is free of charge. Nostril screw adjustments are always free! (tip your piercer).

Time for the next size? Stop forcing that thing in there!
We use sterile spiral radiant stretching tapers to stretch your piercing as gently as possible. We have a large selection of smooth edged plugs and eyelets ranging in price from $16 for 10g to $24 for 00g each. Stretching fee is $10 for one or $15 per pair.

Shop rate is $180/hour with a minimum of $100. 
There is a non-refundable deposit of $60 when you schedule your appointment. This deposit will go towards the final sitting upon completion of your tattoo.

Shop History

Body Manipulations was first opened in August, 1989 by Vaughn and Esther Saldana on Fillmore street at Haight. Esther moved to Amsterdam and opened a Body Manipulations there (since closed). In 1995, Vaughn moved the shop to its current location in the sunny mission district. Now it is in a much larger space with tall ceilings giving it a light and airy feel.

April 2002 Vaughn sold the shop to his long time employee Paul. This not only gave Vaughn a "get out of business free card" but it also put some young blood into the company. Paul has since given the shop a new paint job, enlarged the waiting area, and built a new front counter among many other improvements.

After years of focusing soley on piercing, we brought the service of tattooing to our faithful and trusting customers in 2003. We figured if the health department always catagorized us as a tattoo shop, we might as well do that too. We were able to get some of the finest tattoo artists right off the bat. Heading our tattoo department, Japanese born Colin Stevens previously of the famed Ed Hardy's Tattoo City. His long time associate from the same shop, Chris Conn joined him making the new studio an immediate success. Conn retired from tattooing in 2006 and refers all his old customers to Colin.

Old enough to have a second generation, Body Manipulations continues to bring you only the best quality in piercing, tattoo and jewelry be it the smooth edges of a steel ring or the finest low profile setting for your favorite gemstone. With our world renowned service you can trust us with your most precious body parts.

Body Manipulations has performed many times on the stages of various fetish balls and parties. We have cut people open, hung them from their skin, pierced them with hundreds of needles, and sewn a number of items into their skin. Now the company produces a yearly performance with The Flying Tiger Circus, where the side show is the whole show. Check out our shows section for more information and any upcoming events.

To Tip or Not to Tip?

"TIPS" at one time was an acronym for "To Insure Prompt Service." Nowadays the server must earn your tip after the fact as a reward for good service. Some folks have never been to a piercer before, and some come all the time. Both kinds of folks often ask the awkward question at the counter about tips. Shyly we may reply "Oh, don't worry about it." Truth is, we do take tips. The unknown etiquette for our service is like any other service in the city, especially of the small business kind. You can base your tip on 15-20% of your final ticket depending on how much you enjoyed the pain. We often do maintenance services at no cost, a good tip in this case would be $5 to $20 depending on the amount of maintenance received. A tip on these free services, like nostril screw adjustments, is a great way to reward your piercer. Bottom line, if you feel the piercer has done a great job, reward them. A few bucks is a good way "To Insure Piercer Smiles" for next time.

Attention Minors!

If you are under 18!
You must come in with you parent or legal guardian. Bring with you your parents/guardian's ID and a copy of your birth certificate/guardianship papers. No exceptions!

Shop policy limits the age of all body piercing to 16. Earlobes can be pierced after age 4.
Federal law prohibits any genital or nipple piercing on minors.

State law prohibits tattooing on minors even with parental consent.

In the News

Body Manipulations pushes for New California State Law

AB 300

AB300 was passed into law January 1, 2012! It will go into effect July 1, 2012 giving the regulators and the industry 6 months to become compliant. The California Environmental Health Association is hosting a series of compliance seminars to take place in select hosting counties across California. Paul Stoll from Body Manipulations is on the steering commitee and has created a 2 hour presentation on safe body art practice for this seminar. He will be presenting at various counties along with Steve Joyner. If you are industry or a regulator and have any questions feel free to contact Paul at

Assembly Bill 300 has been an amazing collaboration effort put forth by the California Health Officers, California Bloodbanks, Association of Cosmetic Tattooing, Association of Tattooing, Association of Professional Piercing, California Association of Small Business, Studex Corporation, and many individual practitioners and facility owners within the Body Arts field to establish minimum statewide standards. AB 300 is strongly supported by local health departments and strongy supported by business and practitionors. We all wanted these regulations to help protect the public from unclean and unsafe practice. AB 300 passed through the senate with no opposition and finally passed by Governor
Paul Stoll, of Body Manipulations is a sponsor of this bill. For the last 4 years, he has answered every call, travelled to every conference, been to the governor's office twice, and written dozens of letters in support of AB 300. Body Manipulations is thrilled to see a statewide law in California to enforce minimum standards in the Body Art Industry to protect public health as well as fair business practice. Now we can put an end to unfair competition who cut corners with public health.

"As a small business in California, a facility owner, and an active practitioner, I see first hand how lack of regulation has hurt fellow professionals as they are looked down upon for the bad infected work of those who practice unfairly and unsafely with no regard or knowledge of public health. The public will never understand that a swap meet can charge $20 for a procedure because they are cutting corners on public safety to make an extra buck. With this new enfoceable state wide regulation, we will put an end to the risks these sub standard practitioners offer to the public."
-Paul Stoll
Owner, Body Manipulations