Curved Piercing Retainer

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Made of Quartz Glass - Perfect for eyebrows, navel, rook and daith piercings to keep them open for instances in which metal jewelry cannot be work for short periods of time.

Why choose us?


Being the world's oldest professional piercing studio in operation, we have the experience it takes to curate the best jewelry in production. We have seen the birth of many body jewelry manufacturers over the years and we hold strict standards with design and materials to ensure the most bio-compatible jewelry out there.


We love our customers! You don't have to have an extra 20 lbs of metal in your face or have stretched earlobes for us to hear you. Body Manipulations has always been and will continue to be a place where you can just be yourself. The charm of our job is to see you through your own personal experience. No 'cool kids' ever get hired here.