Preparing for your visit

Know before you go

We ask that you wear a mask while inside our facility.

The Health Director has lifted Covid-19 restrictions specific to our industry.

If you are not fully vaccinated, you are still required to wear a face mask to enter our facility.

If you are feeling unwell, you must not enter the facility.

Masks are still required for all on public transit.

With the Delta Variant on the rise, not everyone is yet safe to remove their mask. We ask that all patrons wear a mask while inside the facility. Vaccinated: Masks recommended. Unvaccinated: Masks required. Our staff will be masked while inside.

After 26 years on 16th Street we have moved the entire operation to 2455 3rd Street. This new location was designed and custom built specifically to accommodate the demand without sacrificing safety. It is time for us to do even better for you!

Our new home at 2455 3rd Street opened on June 21st!

If you have an existing appointment with us at 16th Street, we will automatically move your reservation to the new location.

While no longer required, appointments have become the standard. You may come for a walk in; however, due to high demand we can not guarantee walk in services will be available. Appointments are strongly encouraged. Book here.

We take two appointments every half hour. You can check out the practitioner's schedule HERE. Once you've booked during their scheduled time, just let us know your preference when you arrive.

Yes! Masks are recommended inside for everyone. If you came in wearing one, you may temporarily remove your mask for services on the mouth or nose. For your protection, if you are unvaccinated, you are required to wear a mask while in the facility, with this one exception: you may remove your mask temporarily only while in the procedure room. Only remove your mask when instructed to do so by your practitioner. You must remain seated and refrain from speech while unmasked. You must re fit your face covering properly immediately after your procedure and before you move about the facility.

You may bring jewelry you previously purchased online from us if it is still sealed in the original package. If it is unpackaged regardless of its source you must first have it approved and processed with us. You may bring in jewelry for us to review and to receive, but processing time prevents its  use it for that particular appointment. Inspecting, cleaning, polishing, and sterilizing jewelry starts at a $25 fee and must be paid in advance. Purchase of the pre-paid jewelry processing fee does not guarantee your jewelry is acceptable for use. If we determine the jewelry is not safe for use in a fresh piercing, the processing fee is non-refundable. 

Great idea! You may fill out your release prior to your appointment. Just make sure it is the same day of your appointment as the questions are date sensitive. You can, find them here:
Desktop Version

Mobile Version

You may also fill your form out on your own device during your appointment.

Yes! You must bring a valid, unexpired, government issued photo ID. Passport, Driver's License, State ID Card, Military ID Card are all acceptable forms of ID. No print outs, or photos of your ID are acceptable.

You can view all of our offered services here.

You may request a free virtual check up with us online. Email and we will get you connected to a piercer. If you would rather visit us in person for a check up, feel free to book an appointment, or just dome on in. In person check ups are $30.

All minors must be accompanied by a parent or legally appointed guardian for any ear or body piercing. The parent/guardian must provide their own government-issued ID as well as a physical full-sized copy of the minor’s birth certificate or legal documentation granting legal custody/guardianship each time they bring a minor in for a new piercing. The birth certificate may not be substituted by matching last names/resemblance or minor’s government issued ID, including a passport. State law prohibits the piercing of a minor’s nipples, genitals, or any surface/dermal piercings regardless of parental/legal guardian’s consent.

Nope, sorry. California state law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from being tattooed (regardless of parental consent).

Depending on how long you previously wore jewelry in the piercing and how long it has since been empty, there’s usually a pretty high possibility of a jewelry insertion versus having to do an entirely new piercing altogether. In most cases if you’re able to put jewelry partially through an existing piercing but have difficulty inserting it completely, it’s more than likely just shrunk and can be reopened by a professional piercer with an insertion taper. The insertion taper appears similar to a piercing needle but has a rounded end that is smaller than the jewelry worn in your previous piercing and gradually increases in size, reopening the piercing and allowing for jewelry to follow. Although not the same as a brand new piercing, reopening a piercing that has been without jewelry for more than 1 month can still result in initial swelling or redness for a few days-weeks following but generally goes away relatively quickly in comparison to an entirely new piercing. In the case that we’re able to perform a jewelry insertion as opposed to a new piercing, you’re welcome to bring in the jewelry you’ve previously worn in the piercing to have it reinserted for a minimal fee. 

If we’re able to determine that the piercing is actually closed entirely, re-piercing the area is treated just as any other new piercing with no difference in terms of healing/aftercare.

If your interest in re-piercing altogether has to do with a placement issue, one of our piercers can consult with you regarding the possibility or correction based on the space allowed in the area of the piercing. If the placement requested for a correction is too close to an existing piercing, often times this results in the two piercings merging together and creating a larger hole. In this case, our piercers may recommend consulting with a dermatologist about having your existing piercing closed up in order to safely allow for a new piercing in the future.

We like for the customers to be able to ask for it themselves. Out of respect for consent, we will pierce childrens' earlobes age 4 and up with proper parental consent.

We do not offer any body modification services outside of piercing and tattooing.

Shipping policy

A few things to note before you order.

We ship anywhere in the United States.

In stock items will ship within 1-2 business days. Out of stock or pre-orders for titanium jewelry usually goes out in about 4 weeks. Out of stock or pre-order items in gold can take up to 12 weeks.

Returns and exchanges

Things can look different in person from online shopping. You have 14 days for returns. Make sure it is right for you, BEFORE you open the jewelry's packaging. See our full refund policy here.

Due to the nature of body jewelry, we cannot accept any return items that have been opened from its original packaging. This insures no 'used jewelry' is ever sold.

Carefully package your items to avoid damage or loss. Use the original packaging whenever possible. Ship you item to:
Body Manipulations - Returns
2313 8th Street
Berkeley, CA 94710

We recommend you send it insured, we cannot be held responsible for any lost returns packages.