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Body Manipulations is hiring tattoo artists for our 4500 sq ft space in the Dogpatch district of San Francisco. If you are a motivated artist and have at least 3 years experience, then please apply! You must have an established clientelle. Artists canb not rely solely on walk ins in this location. Send your resume to eldo@bodym.com or simply fill out the form below.

Your workspace includes a custom designed 100 sq ft private room, a spot on our 4 station adjustable drawing table located in the tattoo library, and access to our dedicated clean room. Our clean room is designed to reduce employee exposure events with no scrubbing, or any cleaning by hand whatsoever. Furnished with a full size Hydrim G4 instrument washer along side the StatClave G4 sterilizer, there is no ultrasonic to drain, no timers to mind. All fully automated water flow.

Every staff member who works for Body Manipulations is legally employed as an employee. Employee rights enabled the staff to continue on full payroll (including tips) during the 2020 pandemic. Tattoo Artists are paid an hourly wage, plus commission, plus tips. We offer full health care after 60 days, PTO,  yearly BBP training, and all disposables including ink and needles. You only need supply your machines, cords, and power supplies. We handle all customer payments, credit card fees, booking services, advertising, etc. All employees enjoy the basic rights of a minimum wage guarantee, overtime, paid time off, and holiday pay. As an employee you are also protected by the company should anything happen while at work.

Many businesses in the tattoo industry continue to (mis)treat their employees as independent contractors, dodging a large expense, but also leaving their workers to fend for themselves. Body Manipulations operates as a team, we all have each other's back and we can all expect to feel included and protected within our team.

Our customers are the best! We have cultivated generations of the nicest, most appreciative, respectful, and gracious customers out there. First and foremost, Body Manipulations maintains a safe space where everyone can be themselves. Over 30 years of intimate customer service has only opened our welcoming attitudes more.

If you would like to pull a decent paycheck and join our world renowned, unrivaled customer service team, please fill out the form below. Briefly explain your work experience, what kind of team player you are, and why you'd like to work for Body Manipulations. Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you shortly.

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