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Piercing Services: Click here to book
  • $20 Each - In Person Check Up for an in person visit to help solve questions or for any healing issues. This service is free by virtual chat or email.
  • $20 Each - Jewelry Downsize.
  • $30 - Insertion, Stretch, or Adjustment for inserting/removing jewelry, or any stretching, jewelry adjustments, or fixes. Price includes the first 5 except for MRI/medical related removals, this will include removal of as many pieces as we can given the allotted time.
  • $25 Each - Traditional Earlobe. The first three piercing locations up an earlobe will qualify.
  • $45 Each - Helix or Forward Helix (The upper part from your earlobe)
  • $45 Each- Standard Body Piercing for everything else other than earlobes, industrials, subdermals and surface, and genitals.
  • $45 Each - Subdermal Anchor Removal. Precision removal of your aged or unwanted surface anchor.
  • $80 Each- Industrial or Surface Piercing for any subdermal implant piercing, surface bar piercing, or a double upper ear piercing connected by a barbell.
  • $100 Each - Genital Piercing for any genital piercing.
  • $200 Each - Pearling

These service prices do not include the price of jewelry or applicable sales tax.


Tattoo Services: Click here to book
  • $150 - Minimum Tattoo charge.
  • $300- 1 Hour Tattoo
  • $450 - 1-1/2 Hour Tattoo
  • $600 - 2 Hour Tattoo
  • $850 - 3 Hour Tattoo

Occasionally we may have a guest artist or an apprentice artist with different fees. Inquire by email for these options.

Appointment required for all in person services. Book Here.