Consent Forms 9.13.2023

signing a consent form
What service are you coming in for?
When your form is complete, we will verify your identity with a physical check of your valid ID, and verify your downloaded form.
Save time and complete your consent form for services in advance. Mobile device recommended.
  • We do still need you to bring your ID with you to your appointment. Minors must be accompanied by consenting parent for the service.
  • If you are a minor, get your parent ready to help you with the form; you will need the parent's ID and a copy of your birth certificate to photograph from a mobile device or upload from desktop. We no longer require you to bring documents with you to your appointment if they are filed in advance.
  • Download your completed consent form and have it ready to show us upon arrival for final verification.
You may also complete the form upon arrival. We will have a QR code in our lobby for you to submit your form from your personal device.
  • IMPORTANT! If you do not complete your form in advance, you must bring all applicable documents (along with your ID) with you to your appointment. Parental Consent forms require Birth Certificate or Guardianship Papers along with Parent's ID.