Counter Position

Body Manipulations is currently hiring for jewelry counter position. Having a work history with us, being a long time client, retail jewelry sales, or any other retail or service history is prefered. This position is not related to our tattoo services. If you are wanting to become a tattoo artist, do not apply for this counter position. If you would like to pull a decent paycheck and join our world renowned, unrivaled customer service team, please fill out the form below. Briefly explain your work experience, what kind of team player you are, and why you'd like to work for Body Manipulations. We will get back to you shortly with a request for your resume.

Our customers are the best! We have cultivated generations of the nicest, most appreciative, respectful, and gracious customers out there. First and foremost, Body Manipulations maintains a safe space where everyone can be themselves. Over 30 years of intimate customer service has only opened our welcoming attitudes more.


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