Covid-19 Protocol

We are regulated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health to follow a strict Covid -19 protocol. As the city loosens the health order for Body Art Services, we will be updating this protocol. 

Please read these rules before booking your appointment to help us serve you efficiently: Updated May 21st 2021.

Services under the mask now available!

  • You must wear a properly fitted face covering while in the facility with the following exception.
  • You may temporarily remove your mask for services on the mouth or nose only while in the procedure room.
  • Only remove your mask when instructed to do so by your practitioner
  • You must remain seated and refrain from speech while unmasked.
  • You must re fit your face covering properly immediately after your procedure and before you move about the facility.

One Person per Appointment (exception for minors)

  • We are required to maintain social distance within our facility with only one hallway and we ask to keep the flow of motion going.
  • Customers may not have additional people with them inside the facility unless the person receiving the service is a minor. Minors are required to have their legal parent/guardian present during the procedure. They may bring only one adult guardian.
  • If the person receiving the treatment is disabled or needs assistance due to health reasons they may bring an adult care provider.
  • Adult customers may bring their minor children if they have no other childcare options. Anyone entering the establishment must be screened and wear a Face Covering.


  • For piercing services, minors must have adult guardian consent. One legal guardian must be present during the entire procedure. Only one parent is allowed to accompany the minor. If there is more than one minor wanting to be pierced, they must be scheduled for separate appointments. If you are a parent with and minor and both of you want a piercing, you will have to schedule for each of you on separate appointments.
  • Jewelry purchases, check ups, or jewelry removals do not require parental consent, but you may have one parent accompany you if desired.
  • Tattooing on minors is strictly prohibited regardless of consent.

30 Minute Reception Format and Actual Duration of Visit

  • Piercing services are formatted in 30 minute time slots for reception. This 30 minute time slot will actually give you a 45 minute visit with 15 minutes at the jewelry counter followed by 30 minutes with a piercer. Plan accordingly. We are running multiple separated reception counters with multiple staff at an efficient pace to enable these time slots. You will spend no more than 30 minutes with any one staff member. This safety protocol ensures limited exposure.
  • Your jewelry consultant will guide you to how many piercings you may be able receive during your appointment. If you are looking for 3 or more piercings, 3 or more adjustments, or 3 or more insertions, schedule additional appointments on other days.
  • Tattoo appointments are formatted in the actual time. You may plan for the booked time accordingly.

Booking Fee

  • Your paid booking fee will be applied to your in store purchase. If no purchase is made due to missing ID, requesting a oral/nostril piercing/ or any other negligence, your booking fee is not refundable. We are under strict guidelines that greatly reduce our capacity. Every time slot counts toward our survival. Please take the time to read and follow this protocol. We know it's a lot, and we are here to help. Email us with any questions before your visit.

Pre fill your release form for Piercing or Tattoo Services

  • All release forms are now digitally submitted. Release forms are date sensitive and must be filed on the same date as your service. We will have a QR code in our lobby for you to submit your form from your personal device. You may alternatively pre file your form on the day of your appointment before you arrive by using either of these links
Desktop Release Forms
    Mobile Release Forms
      • IMPORTANT! Bring your valid government issued ID and a copy of your minor's birth certificate (if applicable) to your appointment for in person verification.
      • If you have booked a tattoo consult and the artist determines they can tattoo you during that visit they will instruct you to file the form while they set up for you. Bring your ID.

      Bringing your Own Jewelry for a Service

      • If you have jewelry of your own that you would like to use for a service, you must first have it approved and processed with us. You may bring in jewelry for us to review and to receive, but processing time prevents its  use it for that particular appointment. Inspecting, cleaning, polishing, and sterilizing jewelry starts at a $25 fee and must be paid in advance. We encourage you to use our pre-paid jewelry processing service. Available here. We will send you a kit with free ground shipping to package your jewelry with a prepaid return label to us. Once received, we will notify you if your jewelry is acceptable to use for service and when it is ready for you to book an appointment for use. Purchase of the pre-paid processing kit does not guarantee your jewelry is acceptable for use. If we determine the jewelry is not safe for use in a fresh piercing, the processing fee is non-refundable. Please review our FAQ for more on jewelry standards. Do not send us your jewelry outside of the above mentioned prepaid service, it will not be processed nor returned, and will be properly discarded.

      Our Phone Line

      • We will not be answering the phone at this time. All appointments must be made directly in our appointment service online.


      • You must not schedule an appointment with us if you or someone you have close contact with are showing any symptoms of Covid-19 including but not limited to: fever, body aches, shortness of breath, sudden loss of smell or taste.
      • If you have scheduled an appointment and you or someone you have close contact with begin to show any of the above symptoms, you must cancel your appointment immediately. Your booking fee will be refunded for any cancellation due to sickness.

      What is required of you while you are here

      • By city health order you are required to wear a face covering for the entirety of your visit. This order still applies even if you are fully vaccinated for Covid 19. Do not remove, or adjust your mask at any time within our facility. Your face covering must completely cover your nose and mouth at all times.
      • Up to the time of your procedure and immediately following the procedure, you must maintain social distance within our facility remaining only in designated areas for customers.
      • When you arrive for your appointment, do not enter. Wait outside in a designated social distant area, we will call you at your time. All customers must be screened prior to entry.

      If you are scheduling for tattoo service:

      Start with "Consult". You must schedule a consult before you schedule any hourly time with the tattoo artist. During the consult, the artists may choose to go ahead and tattoo you if the design is small, or will instruct you on how many hours to book for your first appointment. For your tattoo appointment, do not enter our main lobby for any check in. You must go directly to your artist at the tattoo annex located at 3242 16th Street, just next door to our main storefront.

      General Terms for booking appointments

      • Appointments may be cancelled up to 2 hours before the appointment time for a refund of your deposit. Your deposit is non refundable for any cancellations past that time.
      • For any piercing or tattoo you must fill out and submit the appropriate release form. The release form will require you to photograph a valid government issued picture ID. If you are under the age of 18 will also be asked to photograph proof of parent/guardianship in the form of your birth certificate, or an original court issued document indicating legal guardianship. Please be sure these documents are all official government issue an not expired. For parents with minors, a photo of two ID's, Medical paperwork, or medical cards is NOT proof of guardianship/parentship. You must bring your valid ID and required paperwork in person to your appointment. Failure to meet these ID requirements will forfeit your appointment and your booking fee will be non refundable. Tattooing anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted regardless of parental consent.
      • Be on time! Allow extra time for parking and/or commuting by public transit. If you are late for your appointment by 10 minutes or more, your appointment will be forfeited and your booking fee non refundable.

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