What is "Fully Vaccinated" ?

It has been a confusing couple of years to say the least. Navigating to what will keep us all safe has become a full time job. Now with a new Omicron wave hitting the globe, its time to refresh our thinking and get back to safe protocol.

We have updated our definition of "fully vaccinated" to be; two weeks past your second dose (first if Johnson&Johnson) plus a booster shot of any brand completed if you are eligible for a booster. Everyone aged 16 and up is eligible for a booster shot if it has been at least 6 months since your full vaccination. For any under the mask services, we will be looking for a 3rd stamp on your vaccination card if you are eligible to receive your booster.

We hope our policies guide you to a safe side.

  • A proper fitting face covering is required to enter. This includes all customers, staff, and any contractors.
  • Proof of full vaccination (see definition above) must be presented for any under the mask services.
  • All Body Manipulations staff are fully vaccinated.
  • All Body Manipulations staff are tested by antigen test weekly and kept in constant contact with supervisors regarding wellness.
  • If any team member enjoys a large crowded event or gathering, we require a negative Covid test before returning to work.
  • Our 4000 sq foot space is well ventilated. We run FDA approved Sars-Cov-2 killing air filters in each room and all throughout the common areas to process 6000 sq ft/60 minutes.
  • The facility's CO2 level is constantly monitored to stay below 800ppm. When this level is over 1200ppm, it indicates you are breathing other's exhalation. We never let this happen.

We maintain a uniquely safe environment for all body art services. With public health and safety being first and foremost, we encourage everyone to stay well informed and vigilant. We will get through this once again, together.